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Roofing companies in Pensacola

Despite being one of the top roofing companies in Pensacola, our roof replacement cost Pensacola fl is extremely convenient.

When it comes to searching roofing tile companies in Pensacola, you’ll find many, but is every company that pops up on your webpage reliable? We can’t say about others, but JJW Roofing Company of Pensacola is a trustworthy name among the residents of Pensacola for doing roofing jobs. Well, it didn’t happen overnight, our Pensacola roof repair team has worked around the clock for many years and gained expertise in providing roof damage solution and service.

We are the experts in Pensacola roofing

You don’t have to be concerned at all about the quality of work or deadlines as every member of our team works for only one thing; customer satisfaction, and that can be only achieved by addressing their requirements. So, our roofers will do their job and will be done on time, and within your budget.


Types of Storm Damage to Your Roofs

Storms can severely affect roofs in several ways. They are the worst enemies of roof shingles. They can be responsible for unavoidable leaks or even rip your shingles apart and henceforth, it becomes extremely essential to identify signs of storm damage to roof. You don’t have to be a detective to look for the damages, just check the edges of the shingles or check if something is broken. What appears to be a minor leak today can cause a bigger problem tomorrow.

Many roofing companies in Pensacola perform good tasks with the roofs, however, they don’t deal appropriately with the insurance company. Now, everybody is aware of the fact, how stressful time an insurer might give you, nonetheless, the process is unavoidable. Should you hire us, you don’t have to be concerned about it as our Pensacola roof repair team handles all sorts of wind damage roof insurance claims.

Wind Damage

Winds can blow off your shingles, especially if they are quite old. Now, this could cause leaks which doesn’t seem a big deal. Know that if these leaks are left untreated they can cause serious damages, so contact our roofers, they will take care of the mess that has been created from roof damage from wind.

Rain Damage

Rain is probably the mother of all roof damage issues. They’re very obvious and there is nothing you can do much to control. The real problem starts when the water comes in contact with the internal layers of the roofs as it will retain moisture and will rot it or invite molds or grime.

Storm Damage

Just like us, our roofs, too cannot always survive the storm which is why you should have an eye over your roof once any storm has passed. We never put our clients through an exhausting storm damage roof insurance claim process. Our storm damage roof repair contractors, in addition to covering your roof problems, will handle insurance as well.

Types of Roofs

Roofs are of various types. The material of the roof, further, differs and so do the properties. Also, the installation technique and the cost differs for each type. Choosing the right roof is a big decision and the material must be of superior quality. You might not want a roof on your head that would collapse under a little pressure. One thing is for sure, whatever roof type you choose for your project, you will be getting a quality roof installation as we handle all types of roofing work for both residential and commercial clients. Along with others, metal roof repair and installment works are our specialties. One thing that you should know is for us, no project is big or small. Irrespective of the size, we work on all the projects with the same level of dedication, so call us now to get the roofing work done.

Asphalt Shingles

They are extremely popular and hence widely seen on the roofs of many houses in Pensacola. Asphalt shingles are incredibly affordable, so if you have a big house and a low budget, this one’s for you. They are light-weight and have an extremely long life i.e. they can stay up to more than two decades. They come in a variety and a range of colors are available in each of them. A little research will help you find the right one for you. Despite that, if you still struggle to pick one, don’t forget we are just a call away.


They are one hundred percent natural and have no additives at all. They have a much longer life than asphalt and are expensive as well, but it’s worth it since they offer great resistance to water and can survive even the strong stormy winds and rain. They are quite unbreakable and have a unique appearance as compared to other roofing types. Their installers must be well trained and not everyone here has such installers. We are glad to inform you that we have a team specially dedicated to slate installation work. They are skilled professionals and will never disappoint you.


They are a popular choice among both, home and business owners. Usually, people prefer going for sheet metal roofing, but if you are interested in aluminum metal roofing, we can do that as well. They are extremely cost-efficient and can last up to fifty years which is why people mainly prefer to go with metal roofs. Also, post-installation, if we talk about maintenance, it is almost negligible. Talking more of it, then they are fire-resistant. Further, they have the capacity to reflect the UV rays into the atmosphere which means they are highly energy-efficient as well.

Tile Roof

If your house is situated in one of the high rainfall areas, then we bet, every time it rains heavily you stress yourself thinking about the accumulation of molds or rotting of your roofs. So, if you live in any such area then we suggest you go for tile roofs as they are highly resistant to pests infestation. They are a bit expensive, but have great insulation properties. Also, it would be a one-time investment as they are durable and similar to the metal roof, this one comes with fire-resistant properties and has almost negligible maintenance cost.

Pensacola Roof Repair

JJW Roofing Company of Pensacola has been providing a range of services like flat roof repair or replacement, aluminum metal roofing, sheet metal roofing and repairing, and so on. You can also book us for having a roof inspection after storm or winds. We have a special team for dealing with winds and hurricane roof damage issues, and we are flat priced. For doing such jobs appropriately, practical knowledge is must. For this reason, our Leaking roof repair workers are subjected to exhaustive training at regular intervals, so that they stay updated. Further, they are equipped with the right resources to perform the job well. We have a special team that is dedicated solely to provide emergency services to those in need. Although there are many companies in the town offering emergency services, however, they charge for it, but this is not the case with us.

Roof Repair

Roof damage can have a range of impacts; from minor to major. It might lead to little troubles like pest infestation, leak at places, or can also cause serious issues like structural damages, roof collapse, etc. It can be the case that the crevice in your roof doesn’t seem a problem initially, however, it could be dangerous. Such issues can cause health damages and may even pose a hazard to your loved one’s life. So, let our roof repair inspection team assess the condition of your place, perhaps there are good chances that a leak or pest infestation might have escaped your sight.

Roof Replacement

When you are looking for a roof replacement in Pensacola, you should trust only our high-quality products and our workers who will deliver outstanding results by providing you an unmatched level of service. The roof replacement project needs to be handled with great care. To get the job done rightly, a detailed inspection must be carried out of the place. Also, materials must be picked carefully. So, if your contractor is doing none of this then perhaps you should take a moment to think whether you have hired the wrong person to do the replacement job. If yes, then immediately call us because it’s better late than never.


Sidings are quite attractive and a wonderful way to add some more beauty to the curb appeal of your house. Besides, they are low maintenance. They are extremely energy-efficient, and strongly defend your house against harsh weather. On top of it, they have a very good life, so once you have sidings at your place, you won’t have to invest for a long time. Various options like Vinyl siding, wood siding, fiber cement siding, and so on are available at a very reasonable rate at our place and we will send our best siding contractors who will customize your home the way you want.

Residential Roofing

Doesn’t matter if your property is new or old, we have got you covered. You need us for roof repair leak work or want our help to set a roof on your new dream palace, just count on us. You will never regret making a phone call to us. Our residential roof leak repair workers deal with housing projects with great care. Over the years, we have promised and delivered quality workmanship, products at affordable pricing to everyone and managed to build a trusted relationship with the residents of Pensacola. You can read the testimonials of our residential clients and be assured.

Commercial Roofing

We have been offering commercial roofing services for more than a decade now. We have replaced and repaired thousands of commercial units. Such projects include many old office buildings, shopping malls, complex historical buildings, new construction sites, etc. You name your project type, list down your expectations, and get them all done. Also, we offer flexible schedules to our commercial clients and we are pretty much concerned about finishing the work promptly so that your work does not suffer. Don’t worry, while being quick, quality is never missed. Even with low-slope roofs, we deliver outstanding results. Why don’t you hire us and check it yourself?


If you ask us then the process of choosing a roofing company is critical as it involves a couple of steps. First, read “Pensacola roofing company reviews” that appear from your search of the roofing companies near me. Now comes the most essential step which is about asking questions. While many people are negligent towards this step we want you to go for it.

Remember that asking questions is not only going to resolve your doubts but also will save you a thousand bucks. It is a perfect way to prevent yourself from falling into a trap as it will help you identify that you are relying on professionals. Many people do not go beyond the question “how much does a roof cost?” and that’s where they increase the chances of falling into the wrong hands.

These days, roofing companies are full of people who are barely trained. Having a certificate on the wall doesn’t guarantee that they are well-trained. It takes much more than that which is why interrogate. The process of interrogation will not only assure that you will get a good roofing job. Here are some of the important questions that we have answered to our clients.

How much does a new roof installation cost?

To tell you the right numbers, we need to inspect your property since a lot of things need to be considered in a roof installation process. To exemplify, the measurement of the surface area on which the roof is required to be installed needs to be known. Next, height and pitch also are significant. Moreover, the type of materials and roofs which you choose also contributes to the cost. Say, low-quality products and roofs will not cost you much. However, you will end up paying more in the future. We, at JJW Roofing Company of Pensacola, never compromise with quality.

How much roofing do I need?

Well, to figure out the amount of material required for your roof, you need to find out the exact measurements of a couple of things like the height and pitch of the roof, and the surface area. These measurements need to be exact since discrepancies in the values will directly affect your budget. All you need to do after finding these values. You can use online roofing calculators and if you don’t want to go through this process, that’s fine as our roofing contractors will do that anyway. Hire our roof repair contractors and get an affordable roofing experience.

How do I calculate the height and pitch of my roof?

Well, this requires you to do a little math. However, we recommend our clients, always calculate the height and pitch of their roof. Having these measurements ready will decrease the chances of getting duped. Not every company in Pensacola is honest like us. All you have to do is take a weighted string and start measuring from the bottom. We assure you when you work with us, you will never face any such troubles because we involve our clients in every process so that they are aware of what’s going on. Also, we will assist you with the insurance claiming process.

How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement?

If you’ll ask us, we will say that insurance is as important as air. It will cover for you if your roof is vandalized completely because of fire or something else. If you don’t have insurance back up ready for your roof, get one now. If you don’t know how then our roofing contractors will help you get one. Not all insurance plans are similar, but they all are well-known for giving tough times to people. So, if you are in a “roofing companies near me insurance claims” situation, then you probably need our professional roofers Pensacola support team assistance.


What do our customers say?

My roof was completely damaged because of the hailstorm. It was a nightmare to deal with my insurer. Thanks to my cousin, Stephnie, who convinced me to call this company. Not only did they replace my roof but also they did a wonderful job with insurance work as well. They filed the documents and managed the entire paperwork in no time.
Angela W.

JJW Roofing Company of Pensacola is worth hiring. The customer support team was excellent. They called me immediately as soon as I dropped an email. They explained to me the entire roofing procedure. They even picked up the mess that was created during their work. Everything was done by them. I will recommend it to anyone who wants a hassle-free roof job.
Stephanie M.

I had leaks at several places in my house which damaged my ceilings and walls badly. I was upset hearing quotes from the roofing companies until I talked to Mark from JJW. I was in disbelief hearing the price. I was reluctant to hire as I was concerned about quality. Well, the quality was unbeatable and so were the results. Go for it, guys!
Rodney P.

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